In recent times, you can do multiple tasks provided if you have an iPhone or smartphone in hand. Gone were those days when you had to stand in long queues for cash withdrawal in banks or book tickets in transport systems such as railways etc. You can pay Government office bills, file your taxes, book your cab – the advantages are unlimited. Telecommunication history dates back to the prehistoric ages when humans first learned to communicate to each other by means of language. In due course of time, to send information to their beloved ones who lived far or in cases of emergency, battles; each country or culture invented their own methods. They used smoke, sound of drum beats, raising flags atop a hill or use of animals such as pigeons. In the 19th century, after the invention of telegraphic messages, telephones, telegrams, humans have devised the mobile phone. In recent times, mobile phones have become a part of human lives. Mobile phones and internet have entirely replaced paper and wire-based technology communication used in the good old times. New phases of internet technology are coming to the fore every second. The iPhone made a big splash when it was released in the market on 2007, and since then it has been modified with various new features into iPhone6 and iPhone6Plus. The price for these gadgets might be high, but compared to the tasks they do at the mere use of your fingers is noteworthy.  Having an iPhone has become a status symbol, and in this article information will be given on how much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen and Do-It-Yourself option.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An iPhone Screen?

Accidents are a part and parcel of life. But the screen needs repair due to an unfortunate incident. Let it be known there are three options:

Out of warranty

You are liable to get a replacement at the Apple Store.

First Years Manufacturers Warranty

The Warranty does not cover damage to the device caused by accidents.

Covered by AppleCare+

The policy covers accidental damage (only for two incidents) with a service fee.

The first step is you have to call the nearest Apple Store and fix an appointment for the repair. As you give your details, an authorization will be placed on your credit card by Apple for covering the out-of-warranty cost. The amount will be charged only if your device has suffered any additional damage and do not come under the out-of-warranty availability. For only replacement of screen, the following costs are given below:

  • iPhone 6: $109
  • iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5: $129
  • You will be also charged a $6.95 shipping fee.

The service will usually be given and the screen replaced according to the requirement on the same day. But if you stay far, you have the option of mailing your device to the store. The repair along with replacement costs as in similar kind of electronic devices will depend on the model and nature of the damage. The total duration of repair whether you get the same phone or replacement will take three to five business days.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace iPhone Screen?

how much does it cost to replace iphone screen

Steps To Fix An iPhone screen by yourself

There are repairs that you can do on your own, save some money. You also save , the time of frequenting the shop or making the call for delivery of your device. You can make the repair yourself by logging on to the internet and search for the relevant videos. It is very easy and you need not be a technical expert although some caution is recommended in few of the steps.

1. Backup

You need to have a backup if you are smart. So connect the device to your computer, browse the iTunes in your iPhone. Click “Sync”.

2. Tools

It is advisable if you do not have the tools in your home to replace a screen, search the internet and make notes. You do not have to go to the store if you have missed an important tool. The keyword to be typed in Google is “iPhone screen repair kit”. Wal-Mart and Zellers usually have the necessary tools except the replacement screen. If you are ordering something online, kindly ensure that you get the tools appropriate for your model. The basic things for replacement of iPhone screen are:

  • One replacement glass
  • Phillips screwdriver (#00)
  • One razor blade
  • Q-tip and rubbing alcohol along with a heat gun or hair dryer
  • Superglue (you can also use double-sided tape, scissors)
  • The other two optional items are tweezers and one small suction cup.

3. Removal Of Screws

Locate the two screws on the bottom of your device located on both sides of the USB connector. You can make use of the screw driver to detach the screws from their places. You do not need to remove the SIM card.

4. Removal of Screens

You can use a razor blade to lift the screen. You can also make use of either a scraping or wedging tool. Put the sharp edge between the metal and rubber to lift the screen. Caution needs to be exercised in all steps as the screen is attached to the iPhone.

Sometimes, an optional tool will help in the prevention of unforeseen disasters. You can use the scraper tool or screw driver (if you are an expert) without causing damage to the surrounding rubber parts. But since you are one who just wants to perform this stunt for the last time and sincerely hope that your device’s screen never gets damaged in the future, use a suction cup. The placement should be beyond the home button and you have to exercise minimum force while pulling the screen. The glass can be taken out without damage to the gasket (depends on the situation, if your glass is not broken into pieces).

5. Clear All Traces Of The Old Screen By Removing The Screws

Try to locate the flaps in the top right portion of the mobile that holds both the screen and phone. You can lift the flaps by making use of wedging tools. They will be named as No 1 and No 2. The third sticker below the No 2 flap should also be taken out. The third one is present below the black “clamp”. The clamp should be lifted and the remnants of the broken screen will be removed.

There are more screws to be removed – three on the side the flaps are located, two on the opposite side and the sixth on the top right part. The size of screws are the same which saves you the challenge of searching for the right one to be inserted in previous locations. Black tape will be covered for some of the screws and it can be removed using the razor.

6. LCD Screen

The LCD screen can be separated by using the wedger tool amidst the rails. You can then slide the LCD towards the direction of Home button for clearing the top flanges. Since the inner piece is already wedged out, you can apply the required amount of pressure and liberate the LCD screen from the frame (metal).

7. Metal Frame

After doing all the above mentioned simple acts, comes the hardest part. You have to perform the act with concentration, because the new screen needs to fit perfectly. The treatment will depend on the way the glass has broken. You can use force to the extent that the metal or plastic frame does not get distorted. The razor blade or any relevant tool once again comes in handy and you can scrap the pieces of glass or remnants of the former screen. Though some websites recommend the use of heat gun and in some cases hair dryer, it is advisable to use these two equipments carefully. The heat can distort the frame. The adhesive or remnants can be dissolved by rubbing alcohol, so use it with a Q-tip and then you can use the razor.

8. New Screen

Cut slowly but correctly the size of double size tape. In case of super glue, ensure you do use the adhesive a little distance from the home button. The sticky item should be applied to the spacious black plastic on the top or bottom, the middle portion kept blank. The home button should not be glued nor the listening piece present on the top. Give time for the adhesive to settle down. In case of double side tape, make use of tweezers so that stickiness is not diminished. Kindly ensure the protective plastic of the new glass should be removed.

9. Reassemble Your iPhone

You can combine both the LCD and glass together. You have to find the correct way of moving the screen – the side – rail has more length than the other. The LCD can be slided easily from the bottom by making use of the little clamp. The six screws can be refixed to the same place from where they were taken out before.

The next action you have to perform is to slide the No 3 cable to its original position in the clamp, and ensure that the clamp is kept open. You will find the going easy if you can push the No 2 below so that it can be straightened a bit. The third part is holding the No. 2 and No. 1 in your thumb. After you have reinserted the No.3 cable, insert force so that the black clamp is pressed below.

You can give No 2 and No 1 cables their original position by applying small force on them to the connector.

You can use the replacement screen – by insertion on top of the iPhone, the side located with the connectors and then the bottom portion. Precaution is the key here and use of force is taboo. Once you have got the confidence that the screen and LCD are fit perfectly and in place, the last remaining parts of your iPhone – the two screws can be inserted to their real places – both sides of the USB.

If you have dutifully followed the steps, you have successfully completed the iPhone screen replacement procedure.

Precautionary Measures

Ensure that you keep the screws in a place where you would not lose them. If you are not comfortable with the Do-It-Yourself option, let Apple do it for you.

Kindly note that the steps written in the article can be seen in the video:

Features Of An iPhone Screen

The Retina display has become the trademark of iPhone since it entered the market in 2010. The pixel density used is 326, the result being high-quality images and other notable features such as clear text messages and high resolution. The display has a broad view angle compared to its counterparts.

How To Protect Your iPhone Screen?

You can use a screen protector, but ensure that it fits the style and shape of your iPhone model. The cost might vary and they may be ordered online. The biggest advantages, some brands offer warranty.


Mobile technology has entered every sector, even marketing. For some, it is a very good accessory for communication, while for others, it is an integral part of life. Although the mobile industry has evolved from the age when there were only few brands to recent times, where new ones are entering the fray, the price has not become cheap. So you might as well take care of the mobile you have (Remember the proverb – A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush).