In this digital age, Smart phones have become an indispensable part of our lifestyle. The usage of Smart phone is not only limited to calls or texting, but it is all set to substitute computer also. Taking snaps and editing them, using applications on your Smart phones have become very common these days. Especially, for phones running on Android operating system, there are many free and paid photo-editing applications available out there. Today, we will talk about some of the most popular photo-editing applications for Android.

16 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android Phone

1. PicsArt Photo Studio

Photo Editing Apps For Android

This is by far one of the most widely used photo-editing application, and it has been downloaded more than two million times by millions of users all over the world. It has the largest community of users and inspires millions to collaborate and create new designs. This application has been extolled highly in popular blogs like Mashable, Fast Company, and many others. It is power packed with all-in-one camera, collage maker, drawing studio and photo editor. It comes with a wide array of editing tool such as hundreds of brush filters, text tool, shape masks, photo filters, enhancement tools, clone tool, crop tool, photo bending tool, etc. To sum up, this amazing application provides the platform for you to unleash the artist in you, without having any formal training. It is incredibly simple to edit photos or create collages, and share them on Instagram, Facebook or other social networking websites. For more information, login to

2. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro

This is a very popular application for editing photos and creating collages on your Android Smart Phone. It comes with easy to use features with lets you become a pro, with a short span of time. Here you have the option, to beautify any image within minutes as it has many amazing options like color balance, fun stickers, photo frames, color temperature, color splash and many more. You also have the option to adjust brightness, sharpness and can crop, rotate and straighten your image as well. You can also draw your memes and share the photos over social networking websites. This application has a ranking of 4.2 by Google play store. For more information on this application, please login to

3. BeautyPlus – Magical Camera

BeautyPlus - Magical Camera

It is the number one photo –editing application in eastern Asia and has more than thirty million users. It is used mainly for taking selfies. The amazing feature is auto beauty enhancement and face-lift, such that you do not have to make any effort to modify you selfie. The Intelligent Exposure lets you take clear and bright pictures even in low-light conditions. Real-time multiple face recognition lets you take photos along with your friends. You can take shots hands-free, and one tap allows you to get to five beauty enhancement feature. You can easily, smoothen or whiten ones skin, remove wrinkles and dark circles without having any formal training. Tools like fancy brush, cartoon brush and pen lets you be more creative. It has got a rating pf 4.3 by Google play store.

4. Restrict

Photo Editing Apps For Android

With more than hundred filters, Replica will always give you the option to come up with better images. Especially, it comes with real-time filters, which allows you to preview the image before you click it. It gives you the option to add classic vignette borders with a single touch. You can easily create collages by setting time intervals. Blur option enables you to put objects out of focus, and you set the timer as well to get hands free photos. This application has got a rating of 4.3.For more information, you can login to

5. Waterfall Photo Frames

Photo Editing Apps For Android

As the name suggests, this application is famous for setting backgrounds of waterfalls. You can take a photo and set a fantastic backdrop of the waterfall, which can make an ordinary snap appear exquisite. It has more than twenty-five waterfalls and lets you share the image over the internet instantly. It has a rating of 4. For more information on this, login to

6. Photo Frames: Hoarding

Photo Editing Apps For Android

With more than one million downloads in the recent past, this is one the most preferred photo-editing applications these days. Its unique features let you transform the image in such a way as if it is hanging from a hoarding. You can also add hoarding frames to any picture. Some of its fantastic features are as follows:
• Lets you apply HD quality hoarding frames
• Easy to follow User interface
• You do not need internet connection to use this application
• You can rotate, zoom in and out using finger touch.

7. Photo Mixer

Photo Editing Apps For Android

This one of the latest applications, specializing in Grid style and collages. It also lets you apply unique borders and backgrounds. Some of its unique are listed below:
• You can create Grid collage with up to five or six photos
• You can easily move, resize and rotate photos
• You have the option of adding different texts on the collages
• It comes with a lot of photo textures can be applied as photo backgrounds

Note: It has a rating of 3.9 by Google Play store.

8. Photo Grid – Collage Maker

Photo Editing Apps For Android

This is by far the most widely used collage maker with more than one hundred million fans. You can add ordinary photos and come up with an amazing collage. You can modify it, by adding awesome filters, stickers and texts. Some of its features, which make it what it is, are as follows:
• You can easily come up with collage using some preset layouts.
• You have decorated the photos with hundreds of filter effects
• You can customize the background using photos, stickers, texts, etc.
• You can create a video slide using the collages. The option to add a sticker, music and texts are also there.
• You have the option of creating your templates for making collages.
• It has a rating of 4.5 by Google Playstore

9. Mirror Photo: Editor & Collage

Photo Editing Apps For Android

This application is markedly different from the other available out there. What makes stand out in the competition is its ability to create a reflection of images. You can easily create up down, left right and repeat reflection styles. You can create a collage using up to ten photos and apply mirror effect on that. Some of the unique features of this amazing application are mentioned below:
• You can take photo and apply mirror effect immediately
• It has a total of seventeen different mirror effects
• It has around fifty frames and more than thirty photo filters
• You can move the photos using your finger to get the proper mirror effect
• Easily adjust vignette, brightness, contrast and saturation
• It offers more than fifty split templates and hundred Grids
• It supports local languages and text overlay as well
• Lets you apply more than eighty emotional icons of different colors
• You can bend the photos with different kinds of shapes
• Lets you share the images over many social networking websites

10. PhotoFunia

Photo Editing Apps For Android

This application specializes in making your images look realer and adding some unique effects.
If you want to see your picture in a billboard or on the movie screen, this is the ideal application to opt for. It comes with hundreds of effects, which enable you to make some one’s image to appear in place or event, and it can make it look real. It has a rating of 4.3 by Google Play store.

11. Photo Background Changer/Erase

Photo Editing Apps For Android
This application claims to substitute any photo-editing software and specializes in adding different backgrounds to your image. Let us have a look at the amazing features it offers:
You can crop, rotate or resize the picture as per your requirement.
You can easily adjust tool bars with cursor offset size and erasing size
You can use any HD background from the mobile gallery and the application as well.
It got a rating of 3.6

12. Autodesk Pixlr – Photo Editor

Photo Editing Apps For Android

Pixlr is a unique application, which offers more than two million combinations of effects and overlays. You do not need any formal training in order to use this, and you can easily modify any image beyond your imagination, using its cool features.
Some of the features of this app are:
• It is easy to rotate, adjust and crop any image.
• Gives you the freedom of putting overlays, resizing and even modify brightness and contrast.
• You can edit the layout, spacing, and background.
• With a single click, you can Auto Fix’ photos.You can balance out colors and adjust for poor lighting conditions as well.
• Amazing features like Color Splash, Focal Blur and many more lets you add new dimension to your images.
• You also can make your photo seem like a manual drawing or sketch with watercolor or pencil.
• It has a got rating of 4.4 from Google Play store.

13. Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editing Apps For Android

This application can serve as a one-stop-shop for any form of photo editing. It is powerpacked with latest features, some of which are:
It comes with advanced cosmetic features, which lets you correct red eye, blemishes, dark circles etc. You can also whiten teeth; brighten skin tone and many more.
You also have the option to sharpen, blur, brighten images and shift the tilt as well.
Fun Stickers and Color Balance are only a few of its unique features.
It has a rating of 4.4

14. Photo Effects Pro

Photo Editing Apps For Android

Photo Effects Pro is another most widely used application. You can modify any image and make it look great using this tool within a short span of time. You can also draw anything on the photo as well. Using this tool, you can not only modify images effectively, but share it on many social networking websites also. Some of the mind-blowing features of this amazing app are as follows:
It has more than 40 unique effects and filters.
You have the option to Finger-paint the photo.
You can easily crop, rotate, saturate or flip a photo.
Comes with an option called photo grid. With Photo Grid, you can modify images in a better way.
You can add texts with different fonts, on the photo.
It has got a rating of 4.3. By Google play store.

15. Fotor Photo Editor

Photo Editing Apps For Android

For Photo Editor is a quite popular Photo editor. This amazing application comes with more than one hundred photo effects and has many other useful features. It is very user-friendly and can make photo editing seem like a very simple thing to do. What makes it stand out in the competition is its six photo-taking modes such as Square, Timer, Burst, Grid, Big Button and Stabilizer. Other features include the following:
It has one hundred filters & effects for each photo!
It offers 13 different distinct options to match the conditions when you took the photo. The Scenes” feature consists of 13 different presets; optimize the contrast, brightness, exposure and saturation to match the natural conditions the photograph was taken in.
• It has advanced adjustment options like curve shadow, highlight, temp, vignetting, RGB, tint, etc
• You have the option to strengthen the depth of an image by applying features like tilt-shift and focal blur magic.
• You can pixelate any image by using the new pixel brush feature.
• Create shortcut for any of your favorite programs.
It got a rating of 4.4 from Google play store

16. Photo Director – Photo Editor

Photo Editing Apps For Android

Photo Director is a very user-friendly app that lets you apply many effects on any image. This application is power packed with many editing tools, which let you add HDR effects, modify the saturation level, and tweak the tone so that you get DSLR-like effects on any photo. It also enables you to delete undesired objects from any photo.
• This application has many other amazing features, such as:
• It gives you the option to set Premium Quality 2560*1920 resolution
• You can adjust the White Balance for improved color accuracy
• You can employ many creative light leak effects
It has a ranking of 4.4 from Google play store